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Miyar Kambala- 2018

Last week I went to Miyar Kambala. Miyar is a village is near Karkala. This was the second time I saw a Kambala. I used my Nikon D7100 with 18-105mm  VR lens in the beginning. Later I used my friend U S Shripathi's  Tamron 18-400mm f3.5-6.3 lens and captured using that lens. The Tamron 18-400 turned out to be an amazing lens worth every penny Tamron charges for it. Most of the photos were shot using centre 9 focus points. Using all the 51 focus points leads to missed focus as the camera focuses on the track instead of focusing on racing bulls. The number of focus points depends on your camera model.

Kambala is a traditional sport of racing a pair of buffaloes in a muddy and water-filled race track. The Buffaloes are controlled by the racer. Kambala had come under the wrath of PETA where the PETA projected Kambala as violence against animals. The supreme courts issued a stay against the Kambala which was removed this year.

Miyar Kambala is one of the well known and grand Kambalas. I…

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